30lb Golf Cart Counterweight Kit for Yamaha Drive/Drive2 and EZGO RXV

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Counterweight kit that can mount to the front frames of the EZGO RXV and Yamaha G29/Drive and Drive2 golf car models. This counterweight kit is designed to increase the weight on the front of the cart to help offset some of the rear seat weights and increase front steering stability. Each kit includes 30 lbs of weights and hardware.


  • Front Counterweight Kit adds additional weight to the front of your golf cart to help increase front steering stability due to weight imbalances
  • Fits 07-16 Yamaha G29/Drive / Drive2 17-Up and EZGO RXV 08-Up Gas & Electric Models
  • Kit Includes 30 total pounds of plates, U-bolts, installation hardware, and full-color installation instructions

Tech Tips:

  • Two Counterweight kits will fit the RXV/Yamaha front frames for a total added weight of 60lbs without any vehicle modification you will need to order x2 for 60lbs total)

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